The Kickstarter backers received different rewards. First, a postcard depicting Montserrat. Second, a pocket notebook. Third, a t-shirt. A number of backers also participated in the design process for the typographic variants.

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Above: Montserrat Regular

Montserrat Bold

Montserrat Alternate Regular

Montserrat Alternate Bold

Montserrat Underlined Regular

Montserrat Underlined Bold

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Typography heals

Pharmacies (drugstores) are among the few shops that survived with signs made with techniques that predate the digital age. They are mostly made with materials like neon and metal to identify with healing. And they are made in Montserrat to cure all illness.

* * *

Montserrat in the news

La Nación, one of the major national newspapers in Argentina, published an article on the Montserrat Typeface. It was illustrated with the postcard (which you should get real soon). Special thanks to Silvana Moreno, who had already written another article before, for her dedication and careful attention. The article was a hit and thus, a good reason to share it. The rewards are on their way; I hope you get them real soon now. Did anyone already received their rewards?


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La Puerto Rico

At 416 Alsina street, in the historic heart of Montserrat, is a very old tea room called La Puerto Rico. It's a little bit "for export," as we say here, meaning for tourists, but that does not detract from her charm! The poster typography on the walls maintains a link to the time I'm interested in rescuing with my project. I assume these are not the original letters because it is a place from the nineteenth century; in the tables there is another logo, older. The letters of the street signage follow the fashion of the age: emerging and elegant with great size - even here where the street is really narrow. They have a strong sense of Art Deco and some very particular letters such as "E" and "F" in "CAFES" are different to the "E" of Puerto Rico.

They sell coffee, pastries, chocolates and have tango and flamenco shows at the weekends.

I really like how they maintain their product and brand for almost a century. The numbers works for Montserrat!It is interesting to observe some slightly bizarre mannequins in the care. One, reminiscent of Enrique Cadícamo, invites us in, and the women show us the goodness of the place.

And the best aspect of the place is still the coffee.

* * *

The spirit of the porteño's talk

I would like to share with you some funny and picturesque phrases and images that shows the Argentinian way of talking. My very good friend Carina Feldman, a great designer who lives in Los Angeles, told me: “I think these phrases will be great in your Montserrat typeface... te la dejo picando” (and she left me thinking).

They don't have an exactly translation; they just paint the spirit of the porteño's talk.

I hope you like them both - the images, and Montserrat's details.

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