Montserrat in the news

La Nación, one of the major national newspapers in Argentina, published an article on the Montserrat Typeface. It was illustrated with the postcard (which you should get real soon). Special thanks to Silvana Moreno, who had already written another article before, for her dedication and careful attention. The article was a hit and thus, a good reason to share it. The rewards are on their way; I hope you get them real soon now. Did anyone already received their rewards?


* * *

The spirit of the porteño's talk

I would like to share with you some funny and picturesque phrases and images that shows the Argentinian way of talking. My very good friend Carina Feldman, a great designer who lives in Los Angeles, told me: “I think these phrases will be great in your Montserrat typeface... te la dejo picando” (and she left me thinking).

They don't have an exactly translation; they just paint the spirit of the porteño's talk.

I hope you like them both - the images, and Montserrat's details.

* * *