Estudio de diseño Zkysky
My graphic design studio

Zkysky @
Identity design works

Montserrat @ Kickstarter
Kickstarter project which was used to finance the development of the type and the rewards


Chilly Gonzales
His music lights up the promotional video and my life

Diego Levy
Maker of the Kickstarter promotional video

Harald Geisler
Designer and typographer


Google Webfonts
Free web font distribution platform

Carrera de Diseño de Tipografía, Secretaría de postgrado FADU/UBA
Birthplace of Montserrat

Hang the t-shirt
The t-shirts were manufactured and printed here

Talleres Trama
The notebooks were printed here


Via Postal
The postcards were printed here

Correo Argentino
The rewards were shipped through the Correo Argentino